Feigenbaum Center for Visual Arts

Countless possibilities for creating and learning about art

Union's expansive home for visual arts encourages you to explore what it means to be an artist and nurture your appreciation for the creative process and fine arts, no matter what your major or future career path. The Feigenbaum Center for Visual Arts is where you’ll entertain new ideas, try new materials, tools and media, and collaborate with classmates and faculty across disciplines.

Art Professor Sheri Lullo gestures to a screen on which is projected Chinese calligraphy.
A student in the digital classroom creating art on a computer pad.

Develop your visual literacy and analysis skills, and explore how societies through the ages have defined themselves through art, in art history courses that cover a broad range of historical periods and cultures, from Renaissance masterworks to Chinese scroll paintings.

Devote yourself to drawing and painting in spacious studios with abundant, natural light, equipment and supplies. Tap into your talents in our professional quality printmaking, digital media lab, photography suites and darkrooms (delve into digital and traditional techniques). Or try your hand at 3D design, sculpture and metalworking in studios expressly built for these mediums.

A student working in the printing studio
Students develop photos in a darkroom located within the  Feigenbaum Center for Visual Arts.

Enjoy exhibits and artist talks by guest artists, faculty, alumni and students (perhaps you?) throughout the year in the first floor Crowell and West galleries.

Factoid: The Visual Arts Department supplies all materials for studio courses, from canvases to cameras. Arts majors in all media also have access to individual studios with movable walls, where they can do and display advanced work any time of day or night.

Students looking at art on display at the Feigenbaum Center for Visual Arts.