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Feigenbaum Center for Visual Arts
807 Union Street
Schenectady, NY 12308
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HOURS: Monday-Friday, 9:00 - 4:30pm
Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 - 4pm


Opening Reception January 16, from 4:00-6:00PM
with an artist talk at 4:45pm

Lucha Rodriguez, Melinda McDaniel

Lucha Rodriguez, "Knife Drawing XXVI" (detail); Melinda McDaniel, "Babysitting" (detail)

In Light & Loud artists McDaniel and Rodriguez solicit the senses toward complicated ends. In each body of work there exists an enticing organic beauty that is, at its root, twisted. the cause of distortion? Human desire and interference. Drawn by a subtle line, by a soft trembling on a picture plane, we enter a deceptively calm realm, where hybrid animals request forgiveness and tinged seas change paths abruptly. There is a strong desire to inhabit the lush environments built by these artists. But upon visiting, we recognize the seed of rot has already been planted. Indeed, in these dystopic universes, desire has distorted flesh. In the soft gaze of a distant creature, in the fish-like scales of a painted page, we discover a grotesque beauty, A world marred by the violence of human intervention.