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Studio Fine Arts Courses & Requirements

Professor Laini Nemett with student in a  painting studio.

Studio Fine Arts

New Course Offered this Fall:

AVA 212: Narrative Drawing; Fall 2020; MW 2:00-4:50pm, Professor Nemett

Humans have been using drawing to tell stories for over 30,000 years, long before the invention of writing. In this course we will expand upon materials and methods introduced in Drawing 1, with an emphasis on narrative and expression. Students will begin to cultivate their own relationships to drawing in regard to mark-making, form, movement, composition, and illustration. Topics will include psychology of space, personal and political narratives, the costumed figure, time-based media, and drawing in response to film, literature, and music. Readings, outside projects, and group critique are required. A variety of dry and wet media will be explored including graphite, charcoal, ink, gesso, collage, and pastel. CC: HUM. Prerequisites: AVA 110, AVA 215, AP Drawing experience, or instructor’s permission.