Visual Arts

Visual Arts Department

Steamroller Day in Printmaking

Professor Conley's Post Digital Printmaking class printed their oversized woodcuts with a steamroller!

Prof. Fernando Orellana and Art on the Rail Trail

Walkers and bikers on the Albany County Rail Trail in Bethlehem get the treat of seeing Prof. Fernando Orellana's new public art mural, "Cathedral." Orellana's mural and the majority of his teaching at Union is about the intersection of engineering and art.

Our Department

The Department of Visual Arts is committed to the centrality of art in the liberal arts at Union College. We do so from a position unique among other departments on campus. Already by nature interdisciplinary, the department has in recent years increasingly become a dynamic intersection of scholarly undertakings and teaching initiatives across the campus. Our vision is to strengthen the multiple connections between ourselves and other academic departments and to reach beyond the campus to develop relationships with other arts institutions. Our vision is to continue to bridge the past, present, and future for our students through painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, printmaking, digital art, and art history. Our vision, in short, is to enrich the Union College community through art.

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