Academic Affairs

6 Douglas Place guidelines and regulations

(Updated July 2022)

I. Mission and Description

Number 6 Douglas Place (6DP) is a building owned by Union College, the purpose of which is to provide space for faculty and their guests to interact outside the normal campus environment and to hold College events as appropriate. The primary purpose of this house is to promote intellectual and social interaction among the faculty.

The house is located at 6 Douglas Rd, just off Lenox Rd on the east side of campus. The 6DP house has a first floor with a fully-equipped kitchen, living room, dining room, common spaces suitable for social events, and a small room with a conference table (6-8 people). The second floor has 3 small rooms suitable for quiet study, and one larger room with a conference table, suitable for meetings (8-10 people). There is one large bathroom upstairs, and a half-bath downstairs. A large landing between the first and second floors has a comfortable seating area. Access to the campus wireless network is available throughout the house.

II. Eligibility for Use

The 6DP offers access to all full-time, part-time, emeritus faculty, and all Union College employees with faculty status (hereinafter “individual(s)”). Academic departments (hereinafter “departments”) may also use 6DP for department activities.

Accompanied guests of departments and individuals are permitted access with the understanding that they will use 6DP in a manner that is consistent with the purpose of 6 Douglas Place.

College students, children and pets are not permitted in 6DP.

III. Reservations

The 6DP house is available for use from 7AM-10 PM, and is accessible to all individuals by a number code lock box on the back door of the house. The code is available on the Academic Affairs: Faculty Governance Nexus course, under the 6 Douglas Place (Faculty House) tab.

Departments and eligible individuals requesting the use of 6DP must request a reservation via email to the Chair of FEC, according to the procedures outlined below. Reservations must be made for the following uses:

  • Any gathering of 10+ people at any location in the house
  • Any use of the conference rooms

Decisions will be made by the FEC whether a proposed event can or cannot be scheduled depending on the availability of space and the merit of the event. Activities that do not fit within the mission of the 6DP will not be scheduled. The Faculty Executive Committee shall have priority for their regularly scheduled faculty events. The FEC may also cancel with a month’s notice if it has a need for 6DP.

For spontaneous use of any of the small upstairs rooms, or if a small number of individuals wish to use any of the downstairs common areas, reservations are not required. Faculty members are advised to consult the reservations calendar to see if there are any events scheduled that would conflict with the intended spontaneous use. For spontaneous use, a first-come, first-served policy applies.

IV. Use Guidelines of 6 Douglas Place

a. Food Service

The organizing group or individual may use Union College’s Dining Services or may bring outside food and/or beverages into 6DP. The organizing department(s) or individual(s) are responsible for the payment of all food and dining costs.

b. Alcohol

Union College’s policies regarding use of and funding for alcohol apply to 6DP. For large gatherings at which alcohol will be served, users are advised to use Union College Dining Services, who will obtain a temporary liquor license and who will serve alcohol at the event to attendees that are 21 years of age or older. Please note that 3-weeks advance notice is required to allow Dining Services sufficient time to obtain the necessary permit. The only alcoholic beverages permitted are wine and beer. Individuals bringing alcohol to 6DP for informal gatherings are responsible for its appropriate use and for the removal of any leftovers. For such gatherings, all attendees must be 21 years of age or older. Any individual bringing alcohol to 6DP for an informal gathering is automatically considered a "host" who has responsibility for the gathering. Alcoholic beverages purchased with department "restricted" or endowed accounts must be approved by the Department Chair in writing; regular department operating budget funds cannot be used for purchase of alcohol.

c. Audio-Visual Equipment

There will be no charge for audio visual equipment affixed to the facility. Additional equipment may be arranged by the organizing department or individual through Union College’s Information Technology Services. As is the case for events held on campus, requests for additional equipment require proper advance notice and may involve an additional cost.

d. Smoking and Fire Safety

6 Douglas Place is a smoke-free facility. Smoking outside the facility is not permitted within 10 feet of the building entrance or exits. No open flames are permitted inside the building at any time.

e.Responsible Use

The house is equipped with a coffee maker, dishes, glasses, silverware, pots and pans, and cooking utensils. The organizing department or individual using the facility will be responsible for cleaning the kitchen (including all dishes) after use, and cleaning the premises after an event. Users must remove all personal belongings when they leave 6DP. Housekeeping will empty trash and clean/stock the bathroom daily. Furniture may not be removed from 6DP at any time and should be returned to its original location at the conclusion of events. No furniture, books, or other items may be left at 6DP without approval by the FEC. Any damage to 6DP, including, but not limited to, carpets, floors, walls, doors, lights, furniture, equipment, or other furnishings, must be immediately reported to the FEC chair. The organizing department(s) or individual(s) will be charged for the cost of any repair, replacement, or cleaning of any damaged 6DP property or furnishings.

V. Fees and Payment

There will be no rental charge for use of 6DP by departments and individuals. Users may not charge fees for any events held at 6DP.

VI. Policy Revision and Enforcement

These policies are regularly reviewed and revisions are made as appropriate. An official copy of these policies is available from the FEC and will be posted on the Forms and Policies website maintained by Academic Affairs.

The FEC has the right to withdraw and terminate permission given at any time to department(s) or individual (s) that violate these guidelines.