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Gideon Hawley Teacher Recognition Award

The Gideon Hawley Teacher Recognition Award commemorates Gideon Hawley, an 1809 graduate of Union College who is distinguished historically for his leadership in education and concern for teacher development in New York State during the nineteenth century. As the first Superintendent of Public Instruction, he laid the foundations for the public elementary schools of the State. The Board of Regents appointed him Secretary in 1814, an office held for twenty-seven years. As both Superintendent and Secretary, he became a dominant figure in New York State education. He was largely responsible for the establishment of the first normal school in New York, which is now the State University of New York at Albany.

This award is usually given on Founders Day, in late February.

Recipient for the 2019 Gideon Hawley Award – Teresa Henderson, a Visual Arts Teacher and Design Chair at Manlius Pebble Hill High School in Syracuse, N.Y., nominated by Lillian Maresco '21.

Gideon Hawley Award Past Recipients