Academic Affairs

Liaison Committee for Campus Diversity

A. Membership

Membership shall include the Chief Diversity Officer, Director of Religious and Spiritual Life, Director of Multicultural Recruitment, Director of Multicultural Affairs, Director of Women and Gender Studies, two faculty members from each of the two centers of the college - elected by the faculty members in the respective centers, such that no two members are from the same department - and two students to be chosen by the Leadership in Diversity Committee of Student Forum. The committee will be co-chaired by the Chief Diversity Officer and one of the elected faculty members.

The faculty members will be elected for a 3 year term. The elected faculty shall select the faculty co-chair from among themselves.

B. Responsibilities

The Liaison Committee for Campus Diversity shall advise the Chief Diversity Officer on all matters of concern to the campus community in reference to diversity including issues related to multiculturalism, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, and ageism. The Chief Diversity Officer may also bring to the Committee any matter for consultation. Recommendations for policy or procedure changes shall be brought to the attention of the Chief Diversity Officer and the President.

C. Procedures

The Liaison Committee for Campus Diversity will meet at least once each term at the call of the Chief Diversity Officer or the faculty co-chair. It shall discuss matters of concern regarding strategic diversity initiatives, and annual revision of policies. The Committee shall assess the impact of our initiatives and report its findings to the President. All recommended policy changes shall be forwarded to the President for formal approval.