Academic Affairs

Liaison Committee on Study Abroad

Information provided below serves as a summary only. Definitive wording can be found in the Faculty Manual.


  • Advise the Director of International Programs on all matters of concern to Union's International Programs

  • Participate in discussions of general policy, analysis and setting of budget priorities related to International Programs, and improve academic quality of all terms abroad experiences


  • Director of International Programs (ex-officio, serves as co-Chair)

  • Four faculty members (one from each of the Divisions with one serving as co-Chair, serving staggered three year terms)

  • Two students (appointed by the Student Committee on Committees)

  • Dean of the Faculty or his/her designee, Dean of Studies, and Dean of Students or his/her designee (all without vote)
  • Other Administrators involved in the work of the International Programs Office (invited by the co-chairs, all without vote)