Academic Affairs

Student Affairs Council

Information provided below serves as a summary only. Definitive wording can be found in the Faculty Manual.


  • Review policy and formulate and recommend plans for the following: Dean of Students Office, Residential Life, Dining Services, Student Activities & Campus Center, Health Services, Student Support Services (counseling, disabilities, international, religious, and other programs), Career Center, & Campus Safety

  • Review policy concerning student conduct, including criteria for acceptable social behavior and procedures to be followed by College judicial panels

  • Develop policies that encourage students to defend the dignity of all members of the campus community

  • Assume overall responsibility for the College policy affecting Greek Organizations and Theme Houses

  • Advise the Student Forum (or its equivalent) and the Dean of Students on matters of student activities which have a significant impact on student life


  • Housing Reviews


  • Two faculty members, elected by the faculty at large without regard to Division affiliation (serves staggered three-year terms, one serves as chair)
  • Two administrators (Dean of Students & another administrator designated by the Dean of Students)

  • One academic administrator (ex-officio & without vote, designated by the Dean of Faculty)

  • Five students (full-time, day-time undergraduates determined by Student Forum, serves one-year terms)