Academic Affairs

Union Coalition for Inclusiveness and Diversity (UCID)

We are committed to our students and community and strive to have more than a myopic vision. We believe a respectful learning environment and active dialogues across differences will promote learning beyond the classroom. We emphasize in creating an atmosphere that is conducive to nurture harmony and cultivate more global citizenship. Our hope is for our students (and future generations) to have a better and more harmonious world. As part of our mission we plan to focus on the following objectives:

  • Actively participate in the annual New Faculty Orientation.
  • Offer opportunities to assist with job searches for faculty hires.
  • Explore ways to diversify the pool of candidates.
  • Offer to meet with candidates during campus interviews to discuss issues related to diversity at Union.
  • Create linkages to different academic areas which include the Committee on Teaching (COT) and our interdisciplinary studies.
  • Create a program for regular discussions of issues of diversity on college campuses.
  • Create a diverse and welcoming climate for the entire Union College Campus Community.

Membership in the Union Coalition for Inclusiveness and Diversity (UCID) is open to everyone at Union without any restriction. We encourage you to join us in our meetings and proactive initiatives. All comments and inquiries are welcome. For more information, please contact Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion , Co-Chair of UCID, at

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