Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Safety Committee

Fine Payment Policy - Fall 2015

The Academic Affairs Safety Committee (AASC) at Union College is committed to facilitating a safe and healthy working and learning environment for students, faculty, and staff while lessening environmental, safety, and fire related liabilities for the College. As part of its commitment, the Committee has developed a policy to establish responsibility for payment of fines and/or penalties levied by Federal, State or Municipal environmental and safety-related regulatory bodies as a result of violations of environmental and safety related rules and regulations.

Henceforth, payment of fines and penalties assessed by Federal, State or Municipal regulatory bodies is the responsibility of the department or program responsible for the infraction. (Example: Although a department or program is aware that doing certain work requires wearing safety glasses, the department or program does not enforce the requirement, and a fine is assessed by the State Inspector following observation of the unsafe practice during an inspection.) If more than one violation is cited within different departments or programs, a percentage of the total fee will be determined by the number and severity of violations incurred by each department or program. In cases of individual negligence, the matter will be referred to the normal College processes for evaluation or sanctions as outlined in the staff and faculty manuals. The AASC chair will refer relevant information to the appropriate supervisor.

If issuance of fines or penalties is the direct result of the College’s failure to provide programming or the infrastructure to ensure compliance, the academic department or program will not be responsible. The AASC will review fines imposed to determine the responsible academic department or program.