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Examples of Honor Code/Accommodation Statement for syllabus

The following are all examples of Honor Code and Accommodations for Students with Disabilities wording used in syllabi of recently approved course proposals:


It is the policy of Union College to make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities. If you are a person with a disability and wish to request accommodations to complete your course requirements, please contact the Office of Student Support Services at (518) 388-8785. Once you have received documentation from that office, please contact me as soon as possible to discuss your needs. Please be aware that no accommodations will be provided without documentation from the Office of Student Support Services.

Disability Accommodations

Students needing academic accommodations for a disability must first be registered with Accommodative Services to verify the disability and to establish eligibility for accommodations. Students may call (518) 388-8785 or visit Accommodative Services to begin the process. Once registered, students should then schedule an appointment with the professor to make appropriate arrangements.

Learning Differences

According to Union College policy, in order to receive accommodations for a learning difference, a written statement from the Office of Accommodative Services is necessary. Please begin this process as early as possible; don't wait until the first assignment is due.

Accommodative Services website


Union College recognizes the need to create an environment of mutual trust as part of its educational mission. Responsible participation in an academic community requires respect for and acknowledgment of the thoughts and work of others, whether expressed in the present or in some distant time and place. Any academic work that students represent as their own must in fact be their own. Using the words of others that are taken from any source without proper attribution constitutes plagiarism, a serious breach of academic honesty, regardless of your intent. Matriculation at the College is taken to signify implicit agreement with the Academic Honor Code, available at It is each student’s responsibility to ensure that submitted work is his or her own and does not involve any form of academic misconduct. If you have any questions about what constitutes academic honesty or plagiarism, please come talk to me before you turn in your work.

Honor Code

You are expected to abide by Union College’s Honor Code. Please also read through this statement on plagiarism.

Academic Honesty and the Honor Code

Short version: Do your own work. Don't lie. Don't cheat. Give credit where credit is due.

Longer version: As a member of the Union College community, you have agreed to act with honesty and integrity in all of your academic work, as affirmed in the Honor Code.

All work submitted in this course must be your own, and must be produced exclusively for this course. All of your sources (whether for ideas, quotations, paraphrases, etc.) must be properly acknowledged and documented. Failure to acknowledge your sources (whether deliberate or not) constitutes plagiarism. This includes presenting as your own work a paper written for you by a third party. The use of more than four of another author's words must be indicated as a direct quotation, either with quotation marks, or in an indented block quote; the failure to do so constitutes plagiarism even if the source is acknowledged. In accordance with College policy, all suspected violations of the honor code will be reported to the Dean of Studies, which may result in sanctions such as failure of the assignment or the course, and suspension or expulsion from the College.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, including, but not limited to, the requirements and appropriate methods for citing your sources, please do not hesitate to ask me. I will appreciate your efforts to behave with integrity, and I will be happy to help.

Union College Academic Honor Code

Union College Statement on Plagiarism