Academic Affairs

Policy on weather-related class cancellation

Dear Union College Students and Faculty,

Since winter is upon us, I’d like to inform you of Union’s policy on weather-related class cancellation. Because we are a residential college and many faculty members live nearby, classes are rarely cancelled by the College on account of storms. If it is unsafe for individual faculty members to travel to campus, then they may cancel classes at their discretion, to be made up at a later time.

Students, unless you receive an email from your professor(s) or an announcement via your course’s Nexus site cancelling a class, you should assume that class is being held. If you are off campus, please make every reasonable effort to come to class. However, if you feel that it is unsafe to travel and you will not be in class, please be sure to let your professor(s) know that you will not be there.

Please do not be confused by emails about the closing of administrative offices in the event of inclement weather – they do not apply to classes. In rare, severe emergencies in which the college closes, Campus Safety will communicate with the campus community via email, text, and the Union web site. Also, Campus Safety alerts the campus community of power outages via text and email.