Academic Affairs

Space – General Maintenance & Furnishings

The following information clarifies how to address maintenance, renovation and furnishings requests for space in Academic Affairs’ departments. The academic deans meet regularly with Facilities leadership on the status of renovation projects and ongoing issues. Please contact Greta Donato, Assistant VP for Academic Planning & Operations for any matter that requires escalation or particular attention.

General Maintenance: General maintenance items include repairs to existing building systems (heating, lighting, etc.), cleaning, setups, and moving/storage of items. Please direct all general maintenance requests through the Facilities work order system.

Furnishings: Furniture Requests include the purchase of individual pieces of furniture (e.g. chairs, desks, filing cabinets, seating) that are not associated with a major renovation. Furniture requests should be first directed Lynn Davis, Director of Procurement, so that a quote can be obtained. Once the quote is received, please forward all information to Greta Donato. A limited budget exists to assist departments with these types of purchases. Departments may be asked to contribute towards the expense.

New Space or Major Renovations: The addition of new space or the renovation of existing space may involve the modification of buildings, the purchase of furnishings/equipment, and/or the addition of new technology; as such, these projects often require the collaboration of many College departments and careful financial planning. In order to consider these requests in an efficient manner, please follow the guidelines and request form found on the Policies and Forms website under “Facilities & Furnishings Request”.

Last Update: July 2023