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Behind in Credits?

Behind in Credits?

The following information applies to current, full-time students who have already matriculated at Union. This information is not applicable for Scholars and Seward Fellows, Engineering majors, or LIM students.

There are a number of options for catching up on credits:

  • Earn a practicum credit by taking three terms of a practicum with a passing grade.

    Click here to explore music and dance practica. Click here to explore science, computer science and engineering practica.

    *Students must take the same prefix practicum courses for 3 separate terms in order to receive 1 credit.

    *The only exception to the same prefix rule is that practicums for Dance and Theater can be mixed in the same practicum sequence. (Note, however, that no more than one dance practicum per trimester can be counted toward a credit-earning sequence.)

    *The 3 practicums must be taken over 3 terms. You may not take 3 practicums in 1 term for the 1 credit (or 2 practicums in 1 term and 1 in another term).

    *A maximum of 2 practicum credits can be earned by taking 6 practicum courses. Each sequence of 3 practicums must be taken over 3 separate terms.

    Fee: Many are free, though there are fees for selected practica (see practica lists linked above)

    Click here for official Catalog policy on practica.

  • Take a summer course at Union

    See Course Listing for options.

    The College reserves the right to make changes in its course offerings, degree requirements, regulations and procedures, and fees and expenses as educational and financial considerations require.

    Summer courses are subject to a minimum enrollment.

    To register, complete this form and bring to the Registrar’s Office.

    Fee: $4,362 (2020-2021)

  • Take a pre-approved summer course at another College or accredited institution of higher education

    Course(s) must be pre-approved by the appropriate department chair(s) and by the Dean of Studies. Students are strongly advised to get pre-approval BEFORE submitting payment for a course.

    To learn more, review the Transfer Credit Guidelines for Current Students

    *Online Courses and hybrid courses are not eligible for transfer credit.

    Transfer Credit Request Form

    Fee: Varies by institution

    Click here for official Catalog policy on transfer credits.

  • Take a fourth course at Union

    To learn more, review this Fourth Course Overview.

    The fourth course request form can be accessed here.

    Fee: $4,362 (2020-2021)

    Click here for the official Catalog policy on fourth courses

  • Take an internship for a full course credit

    To learn more, click here.

    Fee: $4,362 (2020-2021, if taken as a 4th course or over the summer).

    Click here for the official Catalog policy on Academic Credit for Internships.

  • Go on a mini-term

    To learn more about mini-term options, click here.

    Note that applicants to Union College international programs must be matriculated students in residence at Union College, and:

    • Have over a 2.5 GPA.

    • Have fewer than five disciplinary points as verified by the Dean of Students.

    • Have a clear account balance, as verified by the Financial Services Office.

    • Be in good academic standing, as verified by the Dean of Studies.

    • Meet the minimum language requirement (if any), as specified in the program description.

    • Complete the application process, which includes an essay.

    The Klemm Fellow International Internship is not credit bearing, and will not allow a student to make up a credit.

    Fee: $3,550 (2020-2021)

    Applicants also pay for their own airfare, Visa (if needed) and spending money.

    *Students must submit their application 2 terms prior to leaving for their mini term.

    **Disclaimer: On occasion, mini term programs have been cancelled suddenly, due to natural disasters, wars, political issues, etc. Due to this, students who need to make up a missing credit should not rely solely on completing a mini term abroad.

    Click here for the official Catalog policy on International Programs.