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Tips on Study Abroad

Incorporating study abroad can be a vital part of your learning experience at Union. These opportunities can be found on the International Programs website. Union offers a wide variety of full and “mini” terms abroad. It is never too early to start thinking about what study abroad programs you might wish to apply to. As you begin exploring, keep in mind the following guidance:

  1. Students should begin researching programs early (the first year is not too early).
  2. Many programs have prerequisites (including language prerequisites) that require advance planning.
  3. Acceptance to terms abroad can be quite competitive; acceptance is not guaranteed.
  4. Overall, approximately 60% of Union students participate either on a full term or a mini-term abroad.
  5. It can take several application cycles to secure a spot on a term abroad. This is a reason both to begin thinking about study abroad early and to be flexible about what term and year you might participate in a program.

Click here to be directed to information about the different programs offered.

Here is a link to important policies regarding international programs eligibility, participation, coursework, etc.

Here is a link to helpful FAQs on how to apply for international programs.