Biology Department


Mark Rosenthal Memorial Annual Senior Prize

An annual fund created in memory of Mark Rosenthal, Class of 1976. Following graduation from Union, with a degree in Biology, Mark attended the University of Pennsylvania Medical School and later became a renown cardiologist practicing in Dresher, Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia. As a student, Mark was well known for his sense of humor, keen mind, and commitment to Union. He continued this dedication and commitment throughout his life as a community activist, husband and father and it is in recognition of these qualities this prize is established.

The Mark Rosenthal ’76 Memorial Annual Prize will be awarded to a senior at Union College who best mirrors the attributes of Mark Rosenthal by being involved in Union College community activities, a student in good academic standing, and planning to attend medical school after graduation. The recipient will be chosen by the Chair of the Biology Department.

Previous Winners

2018 - Sharmeen Azher
2017 – Sharmeen Azher
2016 – Kathryn Kurchena
2015 – Eva Zimmerman
2014 – Sarah Rand
2013 – Ayon Ibrahim 2012 – Kenia Valdez

Goodnow Neuroscience Endowed Prize

Awarded annually to the graduating neuroscience student who shows the most promise for success in graduate school and beyond.

2018 - Clarie Kelly
2017 – Bailey Balouch and Katherine Maximov
2016 – Jakub Kaczmarzyk
2015 – Yilun Zhang
2014 – Alana Curran

Stephen F. Leo (1984) M.D. Prize

To the student on scholarship who attains the highest grades in the graduating class and who has been accepted in medical school.

2018 - Saad Akhtar
2017 – Emily Su
2016 – Stanley Soroka
2015 – Meaghan Jain
2014 – Elliot Feld

Edith Emilee MacCoy Prize

To the student who excels in botany.

2018 - Jessica Gilbert
2017 – Anna Doran and Ashley Rosa
2016 – Olivia Williamson
2015 – Brina Dillon
2014 – Kyle Pilkington

Dr. Reuben Sorkin (1933) Award for Proficiency in Premedical Studies

To a senior demonstrating proficiency in undergraduate studies with an outstanding aptitude for continuing work leading to a degree in medicine.

2018 - Lakhena Leang
2017 – Jack Bragg
2016 – Theodor Di Pauli von Treuheim
2015 – Philip Kretschmer
2014 – Samantha Tyler

Lee and William Wrubel Memorial Prize

To the senior preparing for dentistry or medicine, based on academic achievement and character.

2018 - Steven Maksymowych
2017 – Rachel Fried
2016 – Jakub Kaczmarzuk
2015 – Chetna Prasad
2014 – Ankur Shah