Biology Department

Courses & Requirements

Below refers to the 20/21 schedule, the 21/22 schedule will be available shortly.

Professor Barb Pytel with students

The Department of Biological Sciences will offer Bio 103, 104, 205, and 206 each term next year. In the Fall, the following courses will be offered: BIO 320: Ecology w/ Lab (fulfills population requirement), BIO 321: Herpetology w/Lab (fulfills organismal requirement), BIO 324: Plant Ecology w/Lab (fulfills organismal requirement), BIO 364: Epigenetics, Development, & Disease, BIO 368: Advanced Molecular Biology w/Lab (fulfills subcellular requirement), BIO 380: Biochemistry w/lab (fulfills subcellular requirement), BIO 354: Developmental Biology w/Lab (fulfills subcellular requirement), and BIO 487: Senior Seminar.

In the Winter term, the following courses will be offered: BIO 242: Neurobiology, BIO 330: Animal Physiology w/Lab (fulfills organismal requirement), BIO 350: Evolutionary Biology w/Lab (fulfills population requirement), BIO 352: Microbiology (fulfills subcellular requirement), BIO 362: Experimental Neurobiology (fulfills organismal requirement), BIO 378: Cancer Cell Biology w/lab (fulfills subcellular requirement), BIO 488: Senior Seminar and BIO 489: Senior Seminar.

In the Spring term, the following courses will be offered: BIO 242: Neurobiology, BIO 243: Bioinformatics, BIO 314: Ornithology w/ Lab (fulfills organismal requirement), BIO 322: Conservation Biology w/Lab (fulfills population requirement),, BIO 325: Animal Behavior w/lab (fulfills population requirement), BIO 363: Cellular Neurosciences w/Lab (fulfills subcellular requirement), BIO 384: Genetics and Molecular Biology w/ lab