Biology Department

Courses & Requirements

Professor Barb Pytel with students

Course Offerings 2020-2021


The Department of Biological Sciences will offer Bio 103, 104, 205, and 206 each term next year. In the Fall, the following courses will be offered: BIO 320: Ecology w/ Lab (fulfills population requirement), BIO 321: Herpetology w/Lab (fulfills organismal requirement), BIO 324: Plant Ecology w/Lab (fulfills organismal requirement), BIO 364: Epigenetics, Development, & Disease, BIO 368: Advanced Molecular Biology w/Lab (fulfills subcellular requirement), BIO 380: Biochemistry w/lab (fulfills subcellular requirement), BIO 354: Developmental Biology w/Lab (fulfills subcellular requirement), and BIO 487: Senior Seminar.

In the Winter term, the following courses will be offered: BIO 242: Neurobiology, BIO 330: Animal Physiology w/Lab (fulfills organismal requirement), BIO 350: Evolutionary Biology w/Lab (fulfills population requirement), BIO 352: Microbiology (fulfills subcellular requirement), BIO 362: Experimental Neurobiology (fulfills organismal requirement), BIO 378: Cancer Cell Biology w/lab (fulfills subcellular requirement), BIO 488: Senior Seminar and BIO 489: Senior Seminar.

In the Spring term, the following courses will be offered: BIO 242: Neurobiology, BIO 243: Bioinformatics, BIO 314: Ornithology w/ Lab (fulfills organismal requirement), BIO 322: Conservation Biology w/Lab (fulfills population requirement),, BIO 325: Animal Behavior w/lab (fulfills population requirement), BIO 363: Cellular Neurosciences w/Lab (fulfills subcellular requirement), BIO 384: Genetics and Molecular Biology w/ lab