Campus Diversity & Inclusion

History and Symbols Committee

As part of the endeavors to enhance diversity and inclusion at Union and advance a recommendation from the President’s Initiative on Race, Power and Privilege committee, a Working Group on History and Symbols was established.


To examine how our campus spaces, symbols, and monuments influence and advance an inclusive learning environment. The group will deliver a guiding document that: explores how Union’s history, current spaces, and symbols impact the experiences of our campus community. The working group examines how well we are doing at its mission and gives recommendations to where there is room for improvement. The group meets twice a term and renders a yearly report to the Chief Diversity Team and President David Harris.

The group includes students, faculty, and staff, and is chaired by Deidre Hill-Butler, Associate Professor of Sociology/Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion/ Academic Chief Diversity Officer. Dr. Deidre Hill-Butler is part of a Chief Diversity team working to sustain a campus environment that is more consistent with our commitment to cultural competency, curricular consistency, faculty, and staff diversity, campus safety and increased support for an inclusive campus community.