Campus Diversity & Inclusion

Constructive Engagement

Constructive Engagement aims to broaden our perspectives on different issues and presents an opportunity for us to engage in meaningful conversations instead of debates. Aligning with the College’s vision and strategic plan, the Constructive Engagement initiative will provide the opportunity for every Union student to lead, to develop wisdom, empathy and courage. We will foster a learning environment where students, faculty and staff are empowered to engage with one another through intentional dialogues and reflection that helps us learn and grow as a community.

Previous events

04/29/2019 - The Gifts of Our Wounds: Finding Forgiveness After Hate

A conversation featuring a former white supremacist and a Sikh whose father was killed in a mass shooting at a temple

11/19/2019 - Constructive Engagement on Firearm Ownership

A collaboration between the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Union College Students for Gun Sense Club. The program offered students, faculty and staff a safe space to converse and learn about others’ perspectives regarding the 2nd Amendment Rights.

Ongoing events

Identity Dialogue 2.0

A collaborative effort between the Office of Intercultural Affairs, Student Forum and other student clubs. The purpose of Identity Dialogue 2.0 is to broaden audiences’ perspectives regarding the experiences of Union students based on their social identities.

02/12/2020 - Do all Black students think the same?

TBD - Do all women students think the same?

TBD - Do all Muslim students think the same?

TBD - Do all LGBTQ+ students think the same?

Upcoming events

5/26/2020 at 5pm at the Nott - A Constructive Engagement with Hanna Stotlan J.D., Admission Consultant and Theodore O'Neill, former Dean of Admissions at University of Chicago

Topic: Cheaters, Felons, and Abusers: Second Chances for the Hardest Cases

More info to follow.