Campus Diversity & Inclusion

Presidential Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Employing best practices, theories and benchmarking, the Presidential Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion focuses on creating systemic and sustainable change at Union College. Working collaboratively across campus, the Committee assesses and implements diversity initiatives to help create an inclusive and equitable campus climate for all students, faculty and staff.

The Presidential Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion also leads work to reflect a globalized society, increase democratic outcomes, and promote citizenship engagement and cross-cultural understanding. The work is essential to achieving the Union’s mission to provide for every student a liberal education that emphasizes integration, innovation, inclusion and reflection.

Committee's Goals

The Presidential Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion guides the College to meet its objectives in building an inclusive and equitable learning community by:

  • Identifying procedural gaps that impact institutional practices and providing recommendations to create sustainable change
  • Enhancing awareness of diversity, equity and inclusion issues that impact us as a learning community
  • Focusing on accessibility and visibility of programming, events and functions of community engagement.

Committee's Charges

Working with President Harris and the Chief Diversity Officers, the Committee has two main charges for 2021 - 2022

  • Conduct a digital audit pertinent to the subcommittee's area identifying what institutional committees, policies, procedures, and programming; evaluate effectiveness and accessibility of information gathered.
  • Provide specific strategic goal(s), recommended action(s), resource(s) needed to achieve objectives

Presidential Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Executive Committee Members

  • Dru Alvez, Chief Diversity Officer for Student and Institutional Success/Director of Intercultural Affairs
  • Michele Angrist, Stephen J. and Diane K. Ciesinski Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Emily Brown, Project Coordinator and Assistant to the Vice President for Administration and Finance/Union Staff Council Co-Chair
  • Darcy Czajka, Vice President and Chief of Staff
  • Tye Deines, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Annette Diorio, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  • David Harris, President and Executive Committee Chair
  • Francesca Callahan, Chief Diversity Officer for Employee and Institutional Success/Director of Talent Acquisition
  • Len Schlegel, Director of Institutional Research/Union Staff Council Co-chair
  • Mercedes Susi, Senior Associate Director of Sponsored Programs & Faculty Fellowships/Union Staff Council Co-Chair
  • Cherrice Traver, David Falk & Elynor Rudnick-Falk Professor of Computer Engineering/Liaison Committee for Campus Diversity Representative
  • Lani Waggoner '24, Student Forum Representative
  • Patricia Wareh, Associate Professor of English/Liaison Committee for Campus Diversity Representative