Chemistry Department

Chemical Safety

All students and new faculty who will be working with chemicals in a laboratory course for the current academic year are required to take a Laboratory Safety Course. The course includes a video and slide show with quiz questions. You must receive a quiz grade of 70% or higher to pass the course. Please contact Liz Dobson-Davis, EHS to be enrolled in this course.

This course is required once per academic year. Upper-level students may also be required to review safety videos pertinent to their courses and/or research.

Contact Liz Dobson-Davis, EHS, with any questions:
ISEC Room 183A
(518) 388-6340

  • The American Chemical Society also offers an online safety course for students who are ACS members.
  • If you are currently doing research in a chemistry lab, use the Chemical Inventory to access the Safety Data Sheets for the chemicals and materials that you use in your research.
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