Chemistry Department

Seminar Series

Union College Department of Chemistry Seminar Series

The Chemistry Department runs a weekly seminar series throughout the academic year. It includes talks by industrial, academic, and government chemists on their research, panel discussions on career opportunities for chemistry graduates, advice from graduating seniors on how to apply to graduate schools, and workshops on writing cover letters and resumes.

Seminars will take place every Thursday at 12:50pm in ISEC 222 unless otherwise noted.

Seminar schedule

Tuesday, 5/2/23: Cristina Veresmortean, Visiting Assistant Professor Candidate, Chemistry Department: "Development of a Mass Spectrometric Method for Detection of Trace Level Explosives in Environmental Waters."

5/4/23: John Wright '65, University of Wisconsin: "Floquet State Spectroscopy - The Analog of MQC NMR and Coherent Control of Reactions."

5/18/23: Sadie Gorman '08, NYS Department of Health, Bureau of Toxic Substance Assessment, Evaluating Health Risks from Environmental Contaminants in Drinking Water and Other Media.

5/25/23: Rich Fox '00, Bristol Myers Squibb: "Exploring Process Chemistry in Pharma: A Focus on Decision-Making, Innovation, and Sustainability."

6/1/23: Awards Day