Chemistry Department

Seminar Series

Union College Department of Chemistry Seminar Series

The Chemistry Department runs a weekly seminar series throughout the academic year. It includes talks by industrial, academic, and government chemists on their research, panel discussions on career opportunities for chemistry graduates, advice from graduating seniors on how to apply to graduate schools, and workshops on writing cover letters and resumes.

Seminars will take place every Thursday at 12:50pm in ISEC 222.

Seminar schedule

3/31/22: Prof. Max Majireck, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Director of Biochemistry/Molecular Biology (Hamilton College): “Unusual Functional Groups as Fertile Grounds for Discoveries in Chemical Synthesis and Drug Discovery”

4/7/22: Prof. Scott Tenenbaum, Associate Professor of Nanobioscience (SUNY Polytechnic Institute): “Structurally Interacting RNA (sxRNA)”

4/14/22: Student Experience Presentations: from ACS & EB National Conferences

4/21/22: Senior Photos: Picture day!

4/28/22: Professor Ben Miller, University of Rochester, Biochemistry and Biophysics: “Optical sensors for coronavirus antibodies: Analyzing the human response to COVID-19”.