Classics Department
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Gregory Callaghan

Job Title
Assistant Professor of Classics
Lamont House 206

Research interests

History of Archaic and Classical Greece, Hellenistic Aegean, and the Roman Republic; interstate relations; memory studies; social network analysis; digital humanities; Greek architecture and epigraphy.

Teaching interests

His teaching has included courses on Greek and Roman history, Greek Sanctuaries, the Ancient Economy, Race in the Ancient World, Greek and Latin language, Digital Humanities, and Mythology.


Prof. Callaghan’s research interests have a wide chronological lens, with work touching on topics from late Archaic Greece to Imperial Rome. He is proud to draw on a broad selection of evidence types in his research, ranging from architecture and numismatics to epigraphy and historiography. These various research inquiries are generally united around his interest in interstate relations, both on their construction and display, and on how the memory of such relations can shape the institutions and identities of individual states. His work often relies on the theory and methodology of social network analysis and of modern International Relation’s conceptions of status and hierarchies. He has co-directed the digital humanities project Polis Sites and Sightlines, which is designed to generate high quality digital reconstructions of ancient environments through the use of drone photography and photogrammetry. His current and principal research project is derived from his dissertation work on the interest relations of the Attalid dynasty of Pergamon, and will focus on the first half of the dynasty, particularly Attalus I.

Academic credentials

B.A. Latin, 2014, College of William & Mary; Ph.D. Ancient History, 2020, University of Pennsylvania