Weather Plan

In case of light rain, the ceremony will still be held outdoors. Guests can remain outdoors in the Library Plaza, or they may watch the ceremony indoors on a large screen, in air conditioning, at the nearby Taylor Music Center [Emerson Auditorium], Olin Hall [Room 115] or O'Brien Hall [Room 117].

In the event of sustained, drenching rain or severe weather, the ceremony will be held in the Memorial Field House and rain tickets will be required. Each student will receive four such tickets. They need to go to the campus mailroom to pick them up. Please note that the Memorial Field House IS NOT AIR CONDITIONED.

Others may gather in the Taylor Music Center [Emerson Auditorium], Olin Hall [Room 115] and O'Brien Hall [Room 117] (recommended: these rooms are air-conditioned) to view the ceremony on a big screen.

The College will also broadcast the ceremony live, and guests can view it in real time, during good or bad weather. The link for the broadcast will appear on the main commencement web page. The unedited video archive will be posted on the College website for unlimited access.