Community Standards

Standards of Conduct

Individuals whose ability to reason and control their actions is impaired by excessive consumption of alcohol or illicit use of controlled substances put their lives at risk. Ultimately, such students endanger the well-being and safety of others. The College maintains that inebriation and/or ignorance of applicable laws governing the use of alcohol and drugs are not acceptable or justifiable excuses for disruptive or dangerous behavior. Such excuses do not release the individual from responsibility to the residential community and the College at large. Behavior that endangers mental and/or physical health puts lives at risk, creates legal liability, and will not be tolerated.

Students and officers of fraternal organizations who assume the role of Responsible Persons at the social events with alcohol are expected to fully comply with the requirement for hosting an event. Their failure to assume these duties and obligations in good faith, which may result in disruptive and dangerous behavior, will not be tolerated.

Students who are members of fraternal organizations will be subject to the College’s Alcohol and Drug Policies in the same manner as students residing in residence halls.

Union College’s expectations involving Social Events with Alcohol

Irresponsible distribution of alcohol is prohibited. Such distribution includes, but is not limited to, any occasion when the atmosphere or circumstances are such that the intended or likely outcome is either abuse of alcohol or to become intoxicated. Examples of irresponsible distribution of alcohol include, but are not limited to: funnels, shot parties, beer pong, chugging contests, or other organized drinking games.

Empty alcohol containers represent a health hazard, and students may not possess empty alcohol containers in their rooms in the residence halls. If found, empty containers may be considered evidence of alcohol consumption.