Eppler-Wolff Counseling Center

Sexual Assault Resources and Response

Immediate considerations

  • Take steps to ensure your safety
  • Seek immediate medical attention
  • Preserve all physical evidence
  • Call the Union College Sexual Assault Resource Hotline at (518) 388-6600 ext. 1 An advocate is available 24/7 to confidentially explain all available resources and options
  • Call Campus Safety and/or Police

Further considerations

  • Medical treatment and counseling are strongly recommended in all cases. Staff in the Wicker Wellness Center, including Health Services and the Counseling Center, are available to discuss all options available to you. These conversations are strictly confidential
  • You may choose to pursue any of the following reporting, judicial and/or legal options:
    • Pursue internal (College) disciplinary charges
    • Pursue criminal charges or pursue both internal and criminal charges
    • Report the assault to the Union College Title IX Coordinator/Team (this can be anonymous)

Confidential Campus Resources

Additional Campus Resources

Off Campus Resources

Additional information

  • Union College is committed to promoting a welcoming campus environment where sexual misconduct in all forms is strictly prohibited and recognized as unacceptable.
  • If you (or someone you know) may have been sexually assaulted or subjected to sexual harassment, relationship violence or stalking, there are numerous avenues of support and options you can pursue.
  • Seek help even if you are not sure if sexual misconduct has occurred; Union encourages you to report any form of sexual misconduct.
  • Students who have been drinking or taking other drugs at the time of the misconduct may be hesitant to report; however, please note that the College will grant you amnesty from any alcohol or other drug policy violation. Please visit: the Title IX site for more detailed information regarding Union College’s Sexual Misconduct Policy and Grievance Procedures.