College Grants & Sponsored Programs

Approval Process

Organizational Pre-Approval

Before submitting a proposal to an external funding agency/organization, applicants must secure internal approval authorizing the submission. Download the internal pre-approval forms here:

  • Grant Proposal Approval Form (GPAF) – use for all proposals to government agencies that will be awarded to and administered by the College
  • Grant Proposal Approval Form for Private Grants (GPAF-P) – use for all proposals to private agencies or foundations that will be awarded to and administered by the College
  • Grant Proposal Approval Form for Fellowships (GPAF-F) – use for all proposals that will be awarded directly to the individual applicant
  • Course Coverage Plan Form (CCP) – for requests or plans to buy-out of teaching time or take leave time (regardless of whether the leave is scheduled) that is related to a grant or fellowship application.

Tips for Navigating the Pre-Approval Process

There are several ways to expedite the process of internal review and approval to submit your proposal. Check out these project planning tips.

Project Impact on College Resources

If the proposed project has ANY impact on Union College resources, then applicants MUST contact the responsibility-center director as early as possible in the proposal development process. The director will consider the impact on resources, help identify any associated costs to include in the proposed project budget, and will assist in processing special requests or considerations.

Examples of a project’s impact on Union College facilities, equipment, and other resources:

  • Physical space to house new equipment
  • Alterations/renovations to existing physical space
  • ITS or technician support for new equipment installation, training, or operations and maintenance
  • Equipment operations and maintenance beyond the grant period
  • Data Management Plans (required for all NSF proposals)
  • Purchase/acquisition of computer hardware, software, licenses, or other
  • Computer, website, service, system networking, cabling, or other
  • Course release or other leave
  • Departmental administrative/clerical support
  • Office, computer, phone for new personnel to be hired through grant funds
  • Schaffer Library resources, inter-library loan, fee-based database usage, etc.
  • Other, if determined in consultation with the Grants Office