Health Professions

Early Assurance Program for Current Union Students

Please note: The information on page is for Union College students ONLY. For all other inquiries, please reach out to Albany Medical College directly,

Albany Medical College (AMC) offers an MD Early Assurance Program (EAP) that enables successful Union College students to bypass the MCAT and the regular medical school application process. Students apply at the end of the sophomore year and, if accepted, are assured admission to AMC’s MD program two years later. This assumes the student stays in compliance with academic and professional conduct standards.

Requirements for Consideration:

  • Coursework: A minimum of two (2) of the following four (4) science sequences must be completed by the end of the sophomore year: BIO 103 and BIO 104; CHM 101 and CHM 102; PHY 110 and PHY 111; CHM 231 and CHM 232.
    Accepted applicants must carry a full course load during their junior and senior years. While not required, upper level science courses such as biochemistry & genetics are recommended. An undergraduate statistics course is also recommended.
  • Grade Point Requirement: At the time of application, students must have at least a 3.50 grade point average in biology, chemistry, physics and math and a cumulative overall GPA of at least 3 .50. Students must earn grades of B or better in all classes.
  • Standardized Testing: At the time of application, students must have obtained standardized test scores with the following minimum requirements (note: the MCAT is not requirement for the EAP application):
  • ACT>31 or SAT>l400
  • Students must complete meaningful extracurricular activities while at Union. These experiences include activities such as physician shadowing, research, volunteering, direct clinical care, community outreach, and tutoring. These activities help students develop the core competencies required for entry into medical school including teamwork, communication, a service orientation and ethical responsibility.

Application timeline:

  • Student meets with their Health Professions advisor preferably during the first year but no later than fall of the sophomore year to express an interest in the program and discuss the program requirements and expectations;
  • Student attends the Health Professions annual informational meeting in January of the sophomore year;
  • Student participates in the HEALTH PROFESSIONS ADVISORY COMMITTEE REVIEW PROCESS beginning in January of the sophomore year;
  • Student submits EAP application materials, credentials and supporting documents by June 15th following the sophomore year;
  • Students who progress through the application process will interview at Albany Medical College in August prior to the start of the junior year;
  • Albany Medical College communicates admissions decisions by early September of the junior year;
  • Student commits in October of the junior year and agrees that they will not apply to other medical schools once committed to enroll at Albany Medical College.

Application materials:

  • A completed EAP application;
  • An essay addressing motivation for a career in medicine;
  • A statement expressing the reasons for wanting to participate in the EAP that includes an outline of the applicant's educational goals for junior and senior years;
  • A list of clinical experiences to-date and plans for obtaining additional hours including direct patient care experience;
  • Specific information about how the proposed activities for junior and senior years will enhance the applicant's capacities as a future physician;
  • A letter from the Health Professions Advisory Committee, including letters from two science professors and one non-science professor as well as a letter from a supervisor from a substantial activity that the applicant has done or is currently engaged in, for example a research PI, supervisor of volunteer activity, or manager at an employment activity;
  • An official transcript;
  • Albany Medical College application fee.