Health Professions

Health Professions Advisory Committee Review Process

What is committee review?

Many professional schools (dentistry, medicine, optometry, physical therapy, pharmacy, and podiatry) require a committee evaluation of applicants. The Union Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) evaluates applicants based on the same criteria used by professional schools:

1. Grades – both math/science and overall grade point averages

2. Extracurricular involvement-including clinical experience, research, volunteer work, campus involvement, leadership skills, work experience

3. Essay

4. Strong interpersonal skills

5. Evaluation letters

Steps for committee review:

1. Attend Health Professions Informational Meeting in January.

2. Review the HPAC Timeline.

4. Complete Health Professions Advisory Committee online portfolio after getting access from the Health Professions Office.

5. Collect no more than four evaluation letters (2 science, 2 non science) from individuals outside of the committee using our Health Professions Advisory Committee Individual Evaluation Letter Request form.

6. Complete two one-hour interviews with HPAC members.

Please note: If you are a re-applicant, you will need to provide us with an update letter. This letter must be submitted along with a PDF of your application. It’s helpful to receive these all at once at Please make sure the update letter is limited to 1 page, is signed, dated, and addressed Dear Health Professions Advisory Committee.

For more information regarding the application process, please view our May Meeting PowerPoint.

Steps to ensure committee letter is submitted on your behalf:

1. Complete and submit application (AMCAS, ACOMAS, AADSAS, OPCAS etc…). Don’t forget to request transcripts be sent to the application service as well.

2. Email a PDF version of your submitted application to Note: AMCAS applicants must also email a PDF of the letter request form along with the submitted application.

Committee letters will be sent to schools on a rolling basis – earlier is better. Note: successful applicants typically complete their primary application by mid-June and their secondary applications by August. Do not wait until the fall term – this is when you could be interviewing!

Health Professions Advisory Committee Members

  • Committee Chair: Carol Weisse, Director of Health Professions Program
  • Rhona Beaton, Assistant Director – Health Professions Program
  • Brian Cohen, Biology
  • Joanne Kehlbeck, Chemistry
  • Scott LaBrake, Physics
  • Matt Milless, Director of Student Activities
  • Rob Olberg, Biology
  • Kimmo Rosenthal, Math