Office of Intercultural Affairs

Request for UNITAS Funding

UNITAS aids in providing financial support for events or activities by individuals or organizations at Union College that meet the following guidelines:

1. Events or activities should

  • foster community, diversity, bridge building at Union,
  • be held on campus,
  • be open to participation by all at Union.

2. Applicants must seek other forms of financial support in addition to Unitas.

3. For full consideration, please apply several weeks prior to the event or activity and 2 days prior to the upcoming Unitas meeting. Person or group requesting funds must attend a bimonthly Unitas meeting after applying and prior to the event to present their project. Please be prepared to explain your event and application during your presentation.

4. Any amount up to $300 can be requested. Grants usually range from $250-$300, but special consideration for larger requests is possible with additional justification on application and during presentation.

The thoroughness and accuracy of your application and inclusion of all necessary materials will expedite consideration for funding. Please complete this application form.