Mathematics Department

Mathematics Department

The Department of Mathematics is dedicated to helping students develop the ability to reason logically, understand abstract concepts and solve problems, and to producing versatile mathematicians who grasp the complexities in their field.

Mathematics majors at Union take foundational courses such as calculus, abstract algebra, and real analysis, and also choose from courses in cryptology, geometry, discrete mathematics, probability, knot theory, topology, and many others.

They work closely with faculty members in a variety of settings and course formats, and engage in research under the supervision of a faculty member.

Students’ independent studies have included advanced topics in real analysis, the mathematical study of voting systems, and mathematical computer graphics.


Mathematics graduates find that their research, reasoning, problem-solving, and communications skills serve them well after Union in careers as diverse as data analytics, statistics, finance, actuarial science, business, accounting, economics, and engineering. Many pursue advanced degrees in education, financial mathematics, law, or medicine, and others have been successful in obtaining the Ph.D. degree in mathematics at top graduate schools. Please also check out: Why study mathematics?

Faculty research

Faculty members at Union conduct research in fields as diverse as commutative algebra, topological data analysis, fair division, voting theory, statistics, algebraic topology, simplicial and differential geometry, medical imaging, the history of mathematics, and more.