Minerva Programs

Funding guidelines and rules

Minerva funds are meant to be used to create new events for the campus community that:

  • Promote interaction between faculty/staff and students
  • Enrich intellectual and cultural life outside the classroom
  • Contribute to diverse social opportunities
  • Create community on campus by:
    1. bringing together the membership of a particular Minerva or,
    2. bringing together members of the campus community who don’t regularly interact, particularly faculty/staff and students

Minerva events should involve the Minerva House and or its larger membership.

  • Events must be located at the Minerva House OR significantly facilitate interaction among House members. Exception: Each Minerva may sponsor one event per term outside the house that is for the campus community. This event must be specifically created by the House; Houses may not contribute to out-of-house events created by other organizations.
  • Events must be open and advertised to the entire House membership. Exception: Faculty may receive funds for events held in the House for classes or advisees. Faculty should apply directly to the Minerva Central Office for funding for their classes.

Minervas can fund events sponsored by clubs and organizations if the events are new and aimed at the wider campus community.

  • Events must represent a departure from normal club activities and add new social, intellectual or cultural options to campus life. Minerva funding cannot be used as supplemental funding for activities normally offered by clubs and organizations.
  • Minerva funding cannot be used for events aimed primarily at the members of a formally defined group (e.g., a club, an academic organization, a religion, a Greek organization). Events must be aimed at a wider audience, and groups must make their event welcoming to all who might attend (e.g., lectures, films, sharing culture with nonmembers).

Making a request for funds…

  • People can request funds only from their own Minerva House, unless there are circumstances that make their House unsuitable for the event. Proposals from organizations must be submitted by a member of the organization who is a House member.
  • Students who request funds from a House must attend the House Council meeting in which their proposal is being discussed
  • For co-sponsored activities with a student club or organization, a Minerva House will only contribute up to 50% of the total cost.
  • Funding requests from faculty and staff will be forwarded to the relevant Faculty Representative by the Assistant Director. Faculty reps will contact the event sponsor, if necessary, to obtain additional information and make suggestions (e.g., regarding publicity, expanding audience, involving Council).
  • Requests for funding can only be made to one House at a time; submitting simultaneous requests to multiple Houses is prohibited.

Nuts and bolts

  • Minerva Houses may not make charitable contributions. They may, however, provide funds to support events in which students contribute their time and/or effort toward charitable services.
  • The following require approval from the Minerva Council:
    • Expenditures of more than $1000 for a single event
    • Expenditures of more than $15 per person for food
    • Expenditures which do not meet the above guidelines

    Minerva money should be used to promote the life of the house and its contribution to the campus culture, not to benefit specific house members.