Minerva Programs

Minerva Houses

Every student on campus belongs to one of the seven Minerva Houses, providing a center for members' academic and social activities. While these Minerva events are held in the common areas on the ground floor, the Houses' upper levels contain residence halls offering distinctive housing for over 240 upper-class students.

Locations: All houses are located on campus
Size: Beuth, Golub and Breazzano Houses are each freestanding apartment-style houses accommodating approximately 30 students. Green, Wold, Sorum and Messa Houses are similar to standard dormitories, each housing about 50 students.
Format: Single-gender bedrooms; floors are co-ed
Room options: Single or double bedrooms

Common amenities:

  • Hi-efficiency laundry facilities
  • Kitchen
  • Entertainment center
  • Classroom and meeting space

Uniquely Minerva:

Minerva House rooms are typically larger than those found in other residence halls and offer special features such as hardwood floors.

The Office of Minerva Programs manages the Minerva housing lottery for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors. Students can only apply to live in their Minerva, although there is a process for friends belonging to different Houses to live together. Minerva housing lotteries are completed prior to the overall campus housing lottery.