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Minerva Governance & Leadership

Minerva Council

The Minerva Council is comprised of the Faculty and Student Representative of each House and two members at large (usually a faculty or staff member and a student). It is chaired by the Associate Director of Minerva Programs. The group currently meets every two weeks. The Council is considered the steering committee for the program; it is primarily involved with:

  • bringing issues to the table which impact the direction of the Minerva Program
  • introducing and considering new programs
  • creating policy and making changes to existing policy
  • stewarding the use of House funds
  • discussing successes or challenges that arise in particular houses
  • serving as advisors to the central office staff

The Faculty and Student Representatives are responsible for bringing information back to their House Councils, as well as bringing issues concerning the Houses to the Minerva Council.

House Council Co-Chairs

The House Council Co-Chairs need to have a good sense for how their Minerva House is functioning on an everyday basis. The House Council Chairs will chair House Council meetings and work with other House Council members, the general membership, and the Associate Director for Minerva Programs to advance House energy, spirit, interaction and reputation on campus. The House Council Chair will facilitate discussion on the House Council on issues ranging from how the House is used, to involving members in House events, to how it spends its funding. House Council Co-Chairs are elected by a vote of the general house membership during the winter term and serve in the position for one year beginning in the spring term.

Students interested in running for their House Council should email the Res Ed & Housing Office (housing@union.edu) to indicate their interest. Students must run in pairs and should have attended their House Council meetings during the fall or winter term. Elections for 2024 have already taken place.

Student Representative

The Student Representative sits on both the Minerva Council and his/her House Council and is responsible for serving as a liaison between these two Councils. This position works on the overall direction of the Minerva Program and plays a key role in developing policies across all Minerva Houses. Student Reps serve one year terms (spring-fall-winter) and have the option to serve one additional year if approved by the Chair of the Minerva Council. They must apply and are selected by the current Faculty Rep and Student Rep of their respective House Council.

  • Applications due to the Res Ed & Housing Office via email (housing@union.edu) by Friday, 2/2 at 5pm
    • If you are interested in applying to be the Student Representative of your Minerva House, please submit a letter of interest that addresses the following points to the Res Ed & Housing Office (housing@union.edu). Once applications are collected, the current Faculty Rep and Student Rep for your house will conduct interviews with applicants and select the best applicant for the position.
      • Why you are interested in the position
      • What qualities and/or ideas you will bring to the Minerva Council
      • Your involvement in your Minerva House or your contribution to its ideals through other schools/groups you have participated in
  • Interviews will occur during Week 6 & 7

Faculty Representative

Each Minerva House has a Faculty Representative who, along with the Student Representative, serves on both the House Council (which oversees the life of the House) and the Minerva Council (which oversees the whole Minerva system). Faculty Reps serve a term of three years (renewable up to two more times).

Community Advisors

For more information on the Community Advisor position, please visit the CA Selection page here.

Other Minerva leadership opportunities

  • Communications Chair - The Communications Chair is responsible for keeping House membership abreast of House activities, news, and important announcements. This position is responsible for letting the Union community know what is new and noteworthy within the Minervas.
  • Finance Chair - Each house will have a budget of approximately $16,000, and the person in this position will lead the House Council in developing a budget and tracking expenses. The person holding this seat must be familiar with Minerva funding guidelines, ensuring that the House account is kept up to date, all expenditures follow the budget lines originally allocated for the Minerva Houses, and enough money remains in the House budget to assure its continues operation for the remainder of the academic year. The person in this position also works closely with the Assistant Director for Minerva Programs, periodically reviewing budgets and verifying the use of funds by House members.
  • Elections for Finance Chair, Communications Chair and various other positions will be conducted within each House during Week 7 - Contact your House Council or go to a Council meeting for more information!