Minerva Programs

Faculty FAQs

What is my status, exactly, as a faculty/staff member affiliated with a Minerva House?

You are a member of your Minerva House, exactly the same as the students who are members. Faculty, students and staff members have the same privileges (except that only students can live there). You can join a committee, hold an event, have office hours there, cook in the House, etc.

What can I do in my House? What House resources are available to me?

You can use the spaces in the House for events for your classes, meetings, review sessions, office hours, lunches, etc. You can ask for House funds for 1) events for your classes or held in the House, 2) all-campus events held in the House, 3) events open only to House members, whether held in the House or not (including off-campus events).

How can I tell if an event is appropriate for Minerva funding versus, say, IEG?

If it's held in the House or is for House members, it’s appropriate for Minerva funding. So, for example, having dinner and a movie for your class in the House would be Minerva funding – taking your class to an off-campus movie would be IEG funding. An off-campus trip to a museum or concert open only to House members would be Minerva fundable – if it was open to the whole campus, however, it would be more appropriate for IEG or Student Activities.

How do I reserve space in the House and get House funds?

Go to the main Minerva webpage – there is a link for reserving space and applying for funds. Funding requests are approved by House Councils. Questions can be directed to minervaprogram@union.edu.

Do I have access to all the Houses?

Your ID card gives you access to all of the Minerva Houses from 7:30am to 2am during the academic year. If you need access at another time, contact the Minerva Office located in Reamer Campus Center 303.

What about teaching in the Minervas?

Each Minerva has a seminar room holding 14 – 17 people, with electronic capability (you must bring a laptop; ITS will give you one for the term). Classes can also be scheduled in the common rooms of many of the houses. Requests to teach in the seminar rooms go through the regular procedure (tell you department chair your preference); requests to teach in the common rooms go to your House Coordinator (listed on the Room Reservation page).

How can I find out about events in the Houses that would interest me?

There is a weekly email listing upcoming Minerva events. Or visit the main College calendar and choose "Minerva event."

I have a question/suggestion/complaint/idea/problem. Who do I call?

In general, your Faculty Representative is a good starting point (listed in the Contacts link from the Minerva Office web page). Michelle Osborn is available to talk about any ideas, concerns, suggestions for the Minerva program. For “nuts and bolts” issues (purchasing, food, a/v, etc.), Laura Munkres in the Minerva Programs Office is a good resource. Feel free to contact minervaprogram@union.edu for general questions.