Minerva Programs

Request an event or funding

Click the link below to request funding for an event in a Minerva House. Please read the funding guidelines before submitting an event request. Requests will be sent to your House Council for review, and they will contact you as soon as they have voted on it. Please refrain from finalizing any other event details until you receive official notice that your funding has been approved from the House Council.

Please note that you will also need to reserve space for your event in 25live.

Request an Event!

The more information you provide (particularly in the “Event Description” box) the easier it will be for the House Councils to understand your request. For any questions about scheduling or requesting an event using the 25Live® system please contact the Res Ed & Housing Office (housing@union.edu or (518) 388-6117).

House Council Meeting Days/Times:

Spring 2024 Coming Soon:

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  • Breazzano
  • Golub
  • Green
  • Messa
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