Minerva Programs

Minerva House contacts

Beuth House

Faculty Rep: Dianne McMullen mcmulled@union.edu
Student Rep: Arjun Wali walia@union.edu
Council Chair(s): Emma Calarco calarcoe@union.edu and Dhara Shukla shuklad@union.edu
House Coordinator: Amanda Ashmen ashmena@union.edu

Messa House

Faculty Rep: Christine Henseler henselec@union.edu
Student Rep: Kyle Doney doneyk@union.edu
Council Chair(s): Noah Lehman-Borer lehmanbn@union.edu
House Coordinator: Mariam Dobosz doboszm@union.edu

Breazzano House

Faculty Rep: Kristin Bidoshi bidoshik@union.edu
Student Rep: Meghan Reilly reillym@union.edu
Council Chair(s): Tiffany Vembenil vembenit@union.edu and Maddie Schaeffer schaeffm@union.edu
House Coordinator: Brian Huang huangb@union.edu

Golub House

Faculty Rep: Scott Kirkton kirktons@union.edu
Student Rep: Marina Angelopolous angelopm@union.edu
Council Chair(s): Raphael Kummer-Landau kummerlr@union.edu and Sammi Rosenfeld rosenfes@union.edu
House Coordinator: Jodie Wright wrightj@union.edu

Green House

Faculty Rep: Laura MacManus-Spencer macmanul@union.edu
Student Rep: Jan Davis davisj@union.edu
Council Chair(s): Amanda Blakeman blakemaa@union.edu and Margeaux Capron capronm@union.edu
House Coordinator: Sam Kemp kemps@union.edu

Sorum House

Faculty Rep: Jen Matsue matsuej@union.edu
Student Rep: Ava Russell russella@union.edu
Council Chair(s): Emersyn Alberici alberice@union.edu and Marie-Amelie Morange morangem@union.edu
House Coordinator: Joe Bott bottj@union.edu

Wold House

Faculty Rep: Pattie Wareh warehp@union.edu
Student Rep: Chang Kim kimc2@union.edu
Council Chair(s): Michelle Tremblay tremblam@union.edu and Thomas Peters peterst@union.edu
House Coordinator: Owen Connolly connollo@union.edu