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ASIANetwork – Luce Foundation Supports Union’s Asian Studies Program

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Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Japanese Literature and Film

ASIANetwork – Luce Foundation
Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow Program

Award Date: 12/18/2015 | Award Amount: $41,000 | Effective Dates: 01/11/2016 – 06/30/2017

Project Summary:
Union College has been awarded a grant from the ASIANetwork to support a postdoctoral teaching fellow. Through the generous support of the Henry Luce Foundation, ASIANetwork will provide a $41,000 grant to support the recruitment, hiring, and mentoring of a teaching fellow. The teaching fellow will have a tremendous impact on Union’s Asian Studies Program and the Japanese program in the Modern Languages and Literature department. Under the mentorship of Dr. Junko Ueno, associate professor of Japanese, the teaching fellow will teach Japanese literature and Japanese film courses during the 2016-2017 academic year. These classes will not only provide an excellent opportunity for the Japanese language students to deepen their cultural knowledge and to complement and enhance their language course experiences, but will also provide an opportunity for non-Japanese language students to learn about the Japanese culture. The fellow will help to reinforce the bridge between Union’s Asian Studies Program and the local community through a partnership with the Albany Japanese Language School to extend student learning outside the classroom and foster lifelong language and cultural learning. In addition to teaching, the fellow will create a community-based culture learning module, facilitate an extra-curricular film series, and participate in the weekly lunchtime “Japanese Table” in the college dining hall.