Student Spotlight: Alvin Andino '15

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Alvin Andino '15

Hometown: Chelsea, Mass.
Major: Computer Science

Why Union:
I'm a Posse Scholar, and I chose Union from among all the Posse schools because it was good for engineering, which was my original interest. After my first visit, I knew I wanted this school. I liked how people treat each other – everyone was so nice and courteous.

Most inspiring class:

Discrete Math. The professor, Kimmo Rosenthal, uses real world examples, and he’s very approachable. It’s a small class, 12 students, so we got close and enjoyed learning the material together.

Also excited about:

Computer Science. I want to learn as much as I can about artificial intelligence, robotics, parallel computing. I love the research I’m doing, working to get a robot to recognize human gestures.

Favorite study spot:

The new CRoCHET Lab – Collaborative Robotics and Computer-Human Empirical Testing, where we keep all of our robots. It’s a great big space in the Wold Building with a 3D printer and comfy couches.

Three things you’re passionate about at Union:

  • Break Dance Club (I'm president).
  • Campus Kitchens, which makes meals for the City Mission from campus leftovers (I just took over as president).
  • The professors. You can always talk to them, and not strictly about academics.

Other passions:

Food justice. For three years in high school, I worked with other teenagers on The Food Project, a nonprofit that’s about sustainable agriculture, eating healthy, farming policies and hunger relief.

One way I'm making Union better:

I’m trying to initiate a "maker's space"– a space on campus where people can make things and use their creativity, whether it's woodworking or knitting. I’m also organizing a dance event to bring different groups together – break dance, classical Indian, popping – for workshops and performances.

Looking into the future:

Grad school or working – my dream job would be to work at Google.

Advice for incoming students:

Take advantage of all the resources Union offers. Get involved. Learn things you’ve never been exposed to. I never danced before I came to college.