Student Spotlight: Ben Rubin '13

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Hometown: Brewster, N.Y.
Major: Mechanical engineering

Why Union:
I knew there would be a lot of opportunities to interact with professors because of the small classes.

Most inspiring class:
“Intro to Cultural Anthropology” completely changed the way I think about people and the world for the better.

Also excited about:
Making the world a more sustainable place. I have become very interested in improving energy production, distribution and usage.

Favorite study spot:
The Engineering Department. My classmates are always there in case I need help or a laugh.

Inspiring moments:
Seeing the passion my professors have for what they teach.

Three things I’m passionate about at Union:

  1. Engineering. Engineers have the ability to positively change the world and the future. This is extremely powerful – and it’s fun, too.
  2. Getting involved. I have been involved in many campus organizations, and they have all helped me grow and provided some of the greatest joys.
  3. Break dancing. As a member of our break dancing club, I not only learned some fresh moves but also was introduced to the inspiring people and culture surrounding it.

Other passions:
Traveling, mountain biking, mountain climbing, hiking, fishing and going to Yankee games. I’m a die-hard Yankee fan.

Most surprising thing about Union:
How diverse our student body is. I’ve met amazing people from all around the world.

How I’m making Union a better place:
As the president of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the Break Dancing Club, I help students experience new things and find their passions both academically and culturally. I also founded the Engineering Student Forum to increase collaboration among the engineering organizations on campus.

Advice for incoming students:
Get involved.

Looking into the future:
I would like to travel and make the world a more sustainable place.