Student Spotlight: Jamaluddin Aram '17

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Hometown: Kabul, Afghanistan
Major: English
Minor: History

Why Union:
I came to Union because of its amazing scholarship program for international students. I wanted to learn from my American and non-American peers and vice versa. I am hoping that through conversations, we can broaden each other’s perspectives on life.

Most inspiring class:
It is unbelievable how different courses connect at some point and complement each other. My history classes with Professor Madancy and Professor Berk along with my English classes with Professor Doyle and Professor Sargent inspired me to write poetry. I now definitely see the world in a different way, in a more critical but artistic way.

Also excited about:
Union is home of opportunities. A friend and I are working to add a Tea Club to the list of already amazing existing clubs at Union. Tea Club will provide a warm, friendly environment for international and American students to sit for a tea and exchange ideas, experiences, and future hopes and dreams. We will also screen and play documentary films and music from different countries and cultures to generate active discussion and encourage global awareness.

Favorite study spot:
The Wold Center, at the tables by Starbucks. The architecture, lighting and furniture are outstanding, not to mention the sweet aroma of coffee in the air.

French Club, Union TV/Film Club, student blogger

Things I'm passionate about at Union:
I love the variety of extracurricular activities. My favorites are the cultural events at Minerva Houses and the screening of recently released movies at Reamer Auditorium. The housing options are equally impressive. You can live in your Minerva, theme houses or dormitories. No matter where you live, the experience is wonderful and unique.

Greatest Union moment:
I was profiled in the Union College newspaper, Concordiensis. That week, soon after the paper came out, I was in the dining hall waiting in line for food, when a student walked over and said, “I read the article about you. Your life story inspired me.”

Looking into the future:
I want to be a writer. It has always been my dream to go and teach at a school in a remote village in Afghanistan and write in my free time.

Advice for incoming students:
When you start packing for Union, do not try to leave any part of yourself and your personality behind. Bring your complete self; all your goodness, flaws and craziness. If you cannot fit them all in, throw away a couple pairs of socks, but not those little things. Because they make you.