Student Spotlight: Stephen Hoeprich '16

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Hometown: Windham, Maine
Major: Electrical Engineering
Minor: Music

Why Union:
I chose Union above two other "engineering schools" because nowhere else offered me the chance to be in a strong engineering program and simultaneously take interesting classes in completely different disciplines. The diversity of Union's curriculum and the ease at which one can study multiple academic disciplines side-by-side are what ultimately made up my mind.

Most inspiring class:
My Sophomore Research Seminar on Alexander the Great with Professor Mark Toher and Music Theory I with Professor Hilary Tann. These two faculty members, in particular, show great passion about their subjects and are consistently fascinating.

Also excited about:
I'm honored and excited to be performing with the Union College Orchestra on the stage of Memorial Chapel during the Steinmetz Symposium concert. I won a concerto competition held by the Music Department and am performing solo on trombone with the orchestra. I may never have this opportunity again because I am not a music performance major. I believe this is going to be one of the greatest moments of my college years.

Favorite study spot:
The Wold Atrium

U.S. Army ROTC, Orchestra (principal trombone), Jazz Band (bass trombone), Pep Band (the Nott Noisemakers), Chorale, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Things I'm passionate about at Union:

  • The amazing music faculty and facilities
  • The great Minerva events and living in my Minerva, Sorum House
  • The restaurants in Schenectady (Zen, Tara Kitchen, Jasmine Thai, the Happy Cappuccino, Villa Italia, and lots more)

How I'm making Union a better place:
I am one of three Army ROTC Cadets on campus. I would like to see more, since this is a program with tremendous benefits and affords opportunities that far supersede the average college lifestyle.

Looking into the future:
First, I’ll earn my degree in electrical engineering. Upon completing my senior year of ROTC, I will commission as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army as Active Duty or Army National Guard. I hope to blend the opportunities given to me by the Army and my Union degree and go to graduate school, either while serving or after my initial eight-year commitment is up. If this is the case, I will pursue a professional engineering career after my time in the Army. But the possibility still stands that the Army may be a lifelong career.

Advice for incoming students:
Take advantage of the incredible opportunities at your fingertips. Instead of griping about the food or the cold and watching TV in your dorm on Sunday afternoons, go see a world-renowned concert pianist for free at our Classical Concert Series in Memorial Chapel.