Catching up with...Stacie Raucci

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Stacie Raucci is Frank Bailey Professor of Classics and current chair of the Classics Department. She joined Union in 2004. Her areas of research are Roman literature and the reception of the ancient world, in particular in film. She is currently working on a project on ancient Greek and Roman influences on modern fashion design. She lives in Niskayuna with her husband, Patrick Singy, who is a historian and philosopher of science, and the queen of the house, their cat Loulou.

Stacie Raucci at her favorite pizzeria in Rome.

Stacie Raucci at her favorite pizzeria in Rome.

FIRST APP YOU LOOK AT IN THE MORNING: Mail. Perhaps I should not reveal that publicly. It does not mean anyone will get a reply from me before I have had a cup of coffee. I just take stock of things. I would like to try to wean myself from this habit of looking at my mail so early.

ONE BOOK YOU HAVE READ MULTIPLE TIMES: I have to reply with a trio of epic poems: Homer’s “Iliad,” Vergil’s “Aeneid” and Ovid’s “Metamorphoses.” I see something new each time I read them. I also enjoy comparing translations of them, trying to understand why someone chose a certain word over another and what effect it has on my reading of the poem.

BEST ADVICE YOU EVER RECEIVED: To read as widely as possible. To try things and push aside the fear of failure. And one more: to think like a cat. I will let you interpret that one for yourself.

FAVORITE SPOT ON CAMPUS: This one is difficult, since there are so many spaces I enjoy, and I add new spots each year. But consistently, I always love standing in front of Schaffer Library looking at the Nott Memorial. I have so many Nott shots on my phone and just keep taking them.

GO-TO BREAKFAST: Coffee with a splash of milk and a piece of toast

NETFLIX OR AMAZON: Both, but more Netflix, especially series

FAVORITE PODCAST: I have not listened to many podcasts, but I do have a long list queued up, especially ones on fashion. I surveyed some of my current students on their favorite podcasts, and I am making a list.


WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR PANDEMIC DIVERSION/ACCOMPLISHMENT: Dance classes (streaming online), making homemade pizza dough (also in an online class), and in the summer, gardening. I love growing vegetables and flowers, but also pulling weeds!


MOST CREATIVE EXCUSE YOU HEARD FOR A LATE ASSIGNMENT: I have not heard anything really creative. I find that student requests are typically reasonable.