For the Record -- Week of Oct. 28, 2022

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Cecilia Bores Quijano, assistant professor of physics and astronomy, was an organizer of a recent virtual mini-symposium, “Building Bridges in Computational Biophysics.” Sponsored by the Biophysical Society and hosted by members of the Society of Biophysicists from Latin America, the program showcased the work of Latin American and Hispanic scientists on topics of computational and experimental work in biophysics.

Saladdin Ahmed, visiting professor of modern languages and literatures, has published an article, “Russian Nationalism, NATO, and the Threat of Nuclear Annihilation,” in Links International Journal for Socialist Renewal.

Mason Stahl, James M. Kenney Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering, was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Signals in the Soil (SitS) program for his collaborative project, “Improving Rice Cultivation by Observing Dynamic Soil Chemical Processes from Grain to Landscape Scales.”

Scott Kirkton, professor of biology, serves as chair of the American Physiology Society’s Section Advisory Committee and is also a member of the Program Working Group. He is among those planning the inaugural American Physiology Summit in Long Beach, Calif., April 20–23, 2023. Kirkton is featured in a video promoting the conference.

Ellen Robertson, assistant professor of chemistry, recently published an article in the journal Langmuir for her work on plasmonic nanomaterials. The article, "Tuning the Packing Density of Gold Nanoparticle in Peptoid Nanosheets Prepared at the Oil-Water Interface", describes a novel method to tune the plasmonic properties of water-stable two-dimensional gold nanoparticle arrays, which have potential applications as pollutant sensors. Her research student and co-author, Chau Tran Minh ’25, is a biomedical engineering major. The article will appear in an up-coming special virtual issue in Langmuir that honors the work of Bettye Washington Greene, the first black woman with a Ph.D. in chemistry to work at Dow as a professional researcher. Her work focused on colloidal dispersions and complex fluid interfaces.

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