Physics and Astronomy Department
Cecilia Bores Quijano

Cecilia Bores Quijano

Job Title
Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy
ISEC 127

Areas of expertise

Computational Biophysics
Soft condensed matter physics
Adsorption in porous materials
Synthesis of crystalline nano porous materials
Simulation of DNA confinement
Modeling DNA-protein complexes

Research interests

My research has specialized in molecular simulation in application to biological systems and material science. A particular focus of my research is trying to unveil the structure of the DNA macromolecule when it is packaged in the interior of the capsid of bacteriophages. The local interactions between the DNA and the proteins conforming the capsid will affect the way DNA overcomes the unfavorable thermodynamic barrier to enter and pack inside the capsid. To this aim, I am working towards developing a coarse-grained model able to include the DNA-protein interaction in the DNA packaging simulations.

Additional media

Academic credentials

B.S. University of Valladolid; M.S. University of Valladolid; Ph.D. Autonomous University of Madrid