For the Record - Week of Oct. 6, 2023

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Shena McAuliffe, assistant professor of English, was the first speaker in the 2023-24 Visiting Writers Series at Hartwick College.

Cecilia Bores Quijano, assistant professor of physics and astronomy, is a co-organizer of an upcoming virtual mini-symposium, “Building Bridges in Computational Biophysics 2.0.” Sponsored by the Biophysical Society and hosted by members of the Society of Biophysicists from Latin America, the program showcases the work of Latin American and Hispanic scientists on topics of computational and experimental work in biophysics.

Andrew Morris, associate professor of history, was the featured speaker at the annual Birch Bayh Lecture at Indiana University Mckinney School of Law. Morris discussed disaster relief in America.

Natalia Garcia ‘24 presented a poster at the Eating Disorder Research Society conference in Boston on Saturday, Sept. 9 along with faculty mentors D. Catherine Walker, associate professor of psychology, and Conor O'Dea, now assistant professor of psychology at Butler University. The poster is titled “Weight Stigma among healthcare professionals and its effects on misdiagnosis of eating disorders.”

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