Reappointment review committees formed

Publication Date

Reappointment review committees have been formed for six assistant professors.

Committees are reviewing the following assistant professors: Phanuel De Andrade Mariano (Mathematics), Yijing Stehle (Mechanical Engineering), Kirk Wegter-McNelly (Religious Studies), Elena McGrath (History), Huong (Alicia) Dang (Economics) and Maite Cruz Tleugabulova (Philosophy).

Members of the Union community are invited to submit written comments on their teaching, service and scholarship to the committee chairs preferably by Friday, April 21.

Committees are:

Phanuel De Andrade Mariano (Mathematics)

  • Christina Tonnesen-Friedman, Chair (
  • Ellen Gasparovic
  • Joy Wang

Yijing Stehle (Mechanical Engineering)

  • William Keat, Chair (
  • Ann Anderson
  • Andrew Rapoff

Kirk Wegter-McNelly (Religious Studies)

  • Peter Bedford, Chair (
  • Barbara Danowski
  • Hans Mueller

Elena McGrath (History)

  • Mark Walker, Chair (
  • Joyce Madancy
  • Andy Morris

Huong (Alicia) Dang (Economics)

  • Mehmet Fuat Sener, Chair (
  • Lewis Davis
  • Brad Lewis

Maite Cruz Tleugabulova (Philosophy)

  • Krisanna Scheiter, Chair (
  • Stacie Raucci
  • Robert Samet