Department of Economics
Alicia Dang, Assistant Professor of Economics

Alicia Dang

Job Title
Assistant Professor of Economics
Lippman Hall 213

Research interests

My primary fields of interests are in the broad fields of Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics, Political Economy, and Industrial Organization. More specifically, my research focuses on the role of policy, technology, and political connections in economic growth and industrial competitiveness. Beside traditional econometrics techniques, I employ machine learning methods in scraping and analyzing firm- and industry- level data to answer different research questions on (i) the interactions of political connections with the impact of industrial subsidies on firm productivity, (ii) R&D intensity as the underlying mechanism of industrial policy, (iii) the technological determinants of industry competition, (iv) the formation of firms’ political connectedness, and (v) the institutional determinants, including the rule of law, on firm performance.

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Academic credentials

B.A., Brown Univeristy; M.Phil., University of Cambridge; Ph.D., George Washington University