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Economics Student Clubs

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U Marketing is a club for anyone interested in marketing, sales, advertising, graphic design, or any related industry. The club provides ample opportunities for networking connections, leadership roles and general professional development.

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Student Investment Fund logo


The Student Investment Fund (previously known as The Garnet Group) has two main functions:

  • Manage a portion of Union College's endowment (currently valued at nearly $1 million).
  • Serve as the premier learning and preparation space for students interested in a career in finance.

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women in econ


The Women in Economics Club—open to both women and men—aims to create a welcoming and inclusive environment within the Union Economics Department. Members offer mentorship to underclassmen to give guidance on courses, internships, and extra opportunities. Previously, the club hosted a crash course on how to manage your money and had Union alumni speak about how they used their degree in economics.

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econ newsletter logo


The Economics Newsletter Club creates and publishes the latest news and updates about the students, faculty, and alumni that are making an impact on the Union College Economics department.

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The Economics Club is an organization that promotes career and professional advancement and socially minded students cultivate relationships with alumni, professors, social enterprises and other organizations. Through panels, networking events, workshops, and other activities, Economics Club seeks to prepare students to join an international network of leaders committed to using the power of economics to create a better world. If you have any interest in economics, we recommend joining our club so you can be notified about any events that we host and opportunities you should look into!

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